[webkit-dev] sheriffbot on #webkit

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Sun Mar 21 17:11:57 PDT 2010

As mentioned a few emails ago, Eric and I have been working on a bot
to help us keep the tree green.  The bot watches build.webkit.org and
tries to spot commits that regress tests.  When he spots a troublesome
change, the bot attempts to contact the author, committer, and
reviewer of the patch and let them know that they've broken the build.

Currently, the bot watches the "core builders" and pings folks on IRC.
 We've been testing the bot in locally, but (as of a few minutes ago)
I've logged the bot into #webkit under the nickname sheriffbot.  We've
tried to tune things so that sheriffbot reports only "interesting"
information, which means he might miss some build breaks.  Over time,
we hope to improve his accuracy so that he misses fewer breaks while
still not spamming the channel because of flaky tests.

Sheriffbot is still very experimental.  If he misses a build break,
please let me or Eric know.  If he spams the channel with useless
information, please let us know.  If he proves to be more annoying
than useful, we can take him offline and work on him some more.

Thanks for your patience.  Hopefully heading down this road will lead
to a greener tree for everyone.


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