[webkit-dev] Web developer documentation - working with Mozilla

henry.haverinen at nokia.com henry.haverinen at nokia.com
Wed Mar 17 08:55:41 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm working for the Qt port of WebKit, and we're currently considering different ways of creating web developer 
documentation for our users.

We don't currently have any documentation for web developers We'd like to start with best practice articles and tutorials for some
 HTML5 and CSS3 features but later extend to the basics and general reference guides too.

Would anyone else be interested in contributing to an open documentation asset for web developers working with WebKit?
The differences between the ports are not too big, so by working together we could create a very nice documentation asset quickly.

I've had some discussions with Mozilla folks, who are working towards making their developer site at developer.mozilla.org
more general and separating the Gecko specific parts more clearly from the generic parts. The Mozilla site uses
a Creative Commons attribution-share alike license, which would allow us to easily share and adapt documentation
between projects and ports. I think it's important to have a clearly defined contribution model and licensing for the docs, 
and developer.mozilla.org seems to have that in place.

So we're considering to start contributing web developer documentation for QtWebKit to developer.mozilla.org, partly by
by verifying that the existing articles cover QtWebKit too, and perhaps partly by contributing new articles. 

Any feedback or comments to these ideas would be greatly appreciated  :-)  

Best regards,
Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks

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