[webkit-dev] Questions regarding memory debugging

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 10 11:15:41 PST 2010

 But more importantly, how would this help with the SharedBuffer problem? It seems like a separate topic.
> We have memory tools on Mac OS X that group allocations by the call stack when an object is allocated, and we have come up with scripts that help us put allocations into “areas” as you suggest, without adding code to WebKit.
> But in cases like the SharedBuffer one, there is no mystery about who allocated the memory. The mystery is typically who is holding on to a reference to it.

well, you can use same technique to capture call stack in ref inc/dec?

Usually buffers shouldn't be a problem even if widely allocedas you can dump  a few bytes
and get some idea where it came from and who may have been interested in it.
Sometimes I will give objects names and make up the name with some helpful info.
Personally I don't like ref counts. Maybe in a project like this they are the easiest way
to go but there is no substititue for knowing how long your object is needed. 

I haven't looked at this code but is SharedBuffer thread safe etc? I thought someone was
talking about thread safety of reference counts at some point.

> -- Darin
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