[webkit-dev] parallel controls in JavaScriptCore engine

Srinivasa Rao Edara srini.webkit at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 01:30:14 PDT 2010


As part of my project, we need to implement custom JS objects using
JavaScriptCore API.
I am seeking help in implementing in implementing one of the requirement and
its possibility of accomplishing it in Webkit/JavaScriptcore.
So, the requirement is, We need to add custom JS object , lets say
"MyObject" and this object has one method wait() which should block the
control until its previously requested operation completes.

in Detail,
function success()

function failure()

MyObject.postMessage(success,failure,"hello, How r u?");
x= 10+1;

Here, MyObject.wait() should resume only after either of its success or
failure callback is executed. The statement "x=10+1" would be executed only
after either success or failure callback invoked.

So my question here is, is this really possible to stop execution at one
place and execute some thing else and resume back to previous execution
point with JavaScript engine of Webkit.

I have tried this using two threads by blocking the wait using mutex and
calling success/failure callback using another thread but it app crashing.

Can you please suggest me what are the possible ways to achieve the above

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