[webkit-dev] Strange drawing behavior in WebView

Bernhard Bauer bauerb at chromium.org
Thu Jun 10 06:34:22 PDT 2010

Dear WebKit folks,

I'm trying to implement a plugin placeholder for blocked plugins in
Chromium that draws itself using a WebView (so that the UI can be just
an HTML page). For that, I have a class implementing WebPlugin that
passes the paint() and handleInputEvent() methods through to a
WebView. However, the drawn page appears *really* small (as in, normal
text is just a couple of black pixels, see attached screenshot).

If I scale the drawing up so that the text becomes readable, the
margins and the scrollbars are scaled at the same time, plus the text
is not antialiased, so I'm suspecting that the WebView really thinks
it has to draw its contents so small. Does anyone have an idea why it
would do that?

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