[webkit-dev] Printer font is different from screen font

Shinichiro Hamaji hamaji at chromium.org
Fri Jul 30 02:10:16 PDT 2010


I've noticed WebKit uses slightly different font size for printing on Mac.
My colleague told me Mac's font API has a feature to select the best font
for printing. This feature isn't good for a team in Google because they want
exactly same results between screen and printing. I searched a workaround
for this, but I couldn't find.

I'm not sure if it actually improves the printing results, so it would be
best if we can remove this code (FontDescription::usePrinterFont). But I
guess this proposal will be objected :)

Another proposal is adding a -webkit prefixed CSS property to allow users to
customize the behavior. Like

-webkit-font-media: auto | printer | screen (auto is the default)

I'm not sure if this is a good name though. Does this plan sounds good? If
so, we'd like to start implementing this.

Any comments will be really appreciated.

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