[webkit-dev] Build Of WebKitGTK Failed On Linux

Yuxiang Luo luoyx at google.com
Tue Jul 27 22:22:06 PDT 2010


I tried to build the latest WebKitGTK on my linux workstation, and it failed
due to the missing of 'webkitdomdefines.h" header file. I found that in
GNUmakefile.am, 'webkitdomdefines.h' is missed from the source list of
object 'webkitgtk_built_h_api', while another similar header file
'webkitdom.h' is in the list.  But the building dashboard shows the
WebKitGTK build on linux 64 platform is successful, which might be because
the continuous build is not a clean build?

Yuxiang Luo
Engineer at Google
<luoyx at google.com>
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