[webkit-dev] A Parallel Webkit?

Leo Meyerovich lmeyerov at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 24 11:23:39 PDT 2010

I don't think that question is very pertinent to the list; it's more  
of a longterm thing. The es committee has little interest in it for  
the relevant future and I agree with this given the other needs,  
available slack time, and induced complexity. Luckily, a somewhat  
parallel browser does not need it, as I've hopefully made clear.

On Jul 24, 2010, at 1:51 PM, Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com> wrote:

>> Shared-state parallel scripting (and concurrent DOM) seem inevitable
> I don't know why you believe this -- there is no intention of having  
> shared state threading in ES, nor is there any desire in the ES  
> technical committee to add any for of concurrency primitives to the  
> language.
> --Oliver

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