[webkit-dev] Crash in RenderLayer related to setStyle() - Questions

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Fri Jul 23 15:48:40 PDT 2010

I've identified a crash with the MathML implementation related to use of
CSS style rules that cause a RenderLayer instance to be created.  In the
MathML code's various createRenderer() methods, they always call
RenderObject::setStyle() on the object they've just created.

When the setStyle() method is called, a style difference is calculated
and propagated.  If you call setStyle() inside your createRenderer()
method, you're calling it on an unattached RenderObject instance.

Further, if there happens to be a rule like:

math {
   overflow: auto;

you'll get a layer created by RenderBoxModelObject.  That layer
will get the style change.

Right now, as the code stands, you'll get an exception and crash
due to the fact that the RenderLayer code makes some assumptions
about the RenderObject instance being attached to the tree.

The fix is trivial but my question is basically: what's the right thing
to do here?  Should the setStyle() be called in createRenderer() ?  It
seems like the answer is no because the style gets associated
somewhere else.  If I remove the call, the crash is also fixed (without
any change to RenderLayer) and the tests still all pass for MathML.

Further, should RenderLayer be made more safe?  Should it check
for zero pointer values in a couple places and avoid this?

If we shouldn't be calling setStyle() in createRenderer(), then fixing
RenderLayer would just hide that fact.  While an ASSERT wouldn't
hide things, it would still only arise when a layer is created.

I know how to fix the MathML code and I just want to make
sure I understand why calling setStyle() is "bad".

I'm not sure what should be done about RenderLayer or otherwise.


--Alex Milowski
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