[webkit-dev] How to register another protocol handler

Flávio Ceolin flavio.ceolin at profusion.mobi
Fri Jul 23 09:46:20 PDT 2010

Hi folks,

I have a couple o doubts about how to register another protocol
handler on webkit.
First of all, is this a task for WebCore or the port ? I' ve searched
for it and I found something in ResourceHandle and PolicyCheck, which
one is responsible for that?
Second, is there a easy way to intercept a network request ? In the Qt
port it is easy to do this, simply reimplementing the
QNetworkAccessManager, but in the others ports ?
Do I have to create a new ResourceHandle class ?
Just to be clear, I want to do this, to load resources from
non-http/file storage.

Regards, Ceolin

Flavio Ceolin
ProFUSION Embedded Systems

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