[webkit-dev] Does any port implements Navigator.registerProtocolHandler and Navigator.registerContentHandler?

Dmitry Titov dimich at chromium.org
Wed Jul 7 17:00:35 PDT 2010


I'm looking to disable/remove the methods exposed on Navigator for
registering the protocol handler and content handler (HTML5 spec is
It was implemented a while ago, unfortunately neither Chrome nor Safari
don't actually implement these. So they are exposed to JS and do nothing
when called. There is some level of checks for parameter values but past
those checks there is no implementation for Chrome. I've tested Safari 5 and
it does not implement it. FF has the implementation since v3 I believe.

It is not optimal to expose the methods but dont't have actual
implementation (it screws up the feature detection), so I'm thinking about
either removing those altogether (until the time someone wants to implement
them for real, they are easy to add back) or adding a pair of #ifdefs around
each of those methods. I'd lean to the removal, unless there is a port that
has work ongoing or planned soon for those implementations.

Does anybody vote for #ifdefs?


These are the methods in question:


> interface [

    ] *Navigator* {

>     ....

>         void *registerProtocolHandler*(in DOMString scheme, in DOMString
> url, in DOMString title)


        void *registerContentHandler*(in DOMString mimeType, in DOMString
> url, in DOMString title)


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