[webkit-dev] Building Win32/Release WebKit: linker error LNK1106

wupei pei.wu at archermind.com
Mon Jan 25 17:27:35 PST 2010


I am trying to build WebKit-r53371 on windows. But now i am blocked with this error when  build the webcore project:

Performing Pre-Link Event...
Creating library...
C:\cygwin\home\wupei\WebKit-r53371\webkitbuild\lib\WebCore.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x5254F4AC
Project : warning PRJ0018 : The following environment variables were not found:

When I monitored the webcore.lib in the disk space, when "Creating library..." is in progress, 
WebKitBuild/lib/WebCore.lib is created and rapidly grows from a couple 
of megs to 128M, then to 256M, and at last to 512M, 1G. After LNK1106 error 
is displayed, the file is removed.
Frist, The disk has more than 10GB free space when build the webkit, so I think it isn't because of the free space.

Second, I have seen the Bug 19743 - Release build fails on 32-bit Windows (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19743), but my version is newer than the bug fixed one.

Third, I have done update-webkit before build-webkit.

And I also seen someone met the same problem in the network, but I can't search the solution.

Dose anyone meet the same problem and have solved it? Will be appreciated for any comments.

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