[webkit-dev] Showing Baseline and Container Box

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Mon Jan 25 10:01:04 PST 2010

For all of my MathML rendering objects I've optionally compiled in a
simple override to the paint() method to provide a visual representation
of the containing box's boundary and the baseline position.  I've been
using this to debug the layout of the Mathematics.

What is the proper way to wrap this kind of code when I go to create
a patch?  Right now it is a compile time feature that I turn on with
a define.

Also, what I'd really like is the ability to inspect the full rendering
tree associated with the MathML and turn on this outlining of the
box and baseline for every rendering object in that subtree that reduces
to a RenderBoxModelObject instance.

Is there some tool that could do this already or via some modification?

--Alex Milowski
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