[webkit-dev] Transforming Content MathML?

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Fri Jan 22 12:54:45 PST 2010

One of the things I need to research is how I'm going to handle content
MathML.  Typically, content MathML is transformed into presentation
MathML for display and this is often done with an XSLT transformation.

When WebKit encounters some MathML, I'd like to follow this process:

   * the content MathML is transformed into a chunk of presentation MathML.
   * the presentation MathML's rendering object tree is constructed
   * that rendering tree is used in place of the content MathML.

Have a complete severed subtree of content MathML seems like the
wrong way to go about this.

What options do I have for dealing with this multiple layers of
transformation (e.g. content MathML -> presentation MathML -> render tree)?

--Alex Milowski
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