[webkit-dev] pep8 style for python code

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Fri Jan 22 12:33:33 PST 2010

If you don't care about coding style, you can ignore this message.

We're starting to grow a bunch of python code in the project.  I'd
like to propose that we use the PEP8 style guide for this python code:


PEP8 is more or less the "official" style guide for Python.  The main
differences between PEP8 and our style guide in other languages are:

1) use of unix_hack_style identifier names for methods and variables
(but not class names), and
2) a maximum line length of 79 characters.

I'd rather take PEP8 as a whole instead of picking a choosing various
requirements.  There's a handy automatic style checker that will help
us bring our existing code into compliance:



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