[webkit-dev] Window ID Concept - practical use cases

Sebastian Hennebrueder usenet at laliluna.de
Mon Jan 18 05:20:51 PST 2010

Hi all,

in my effort to popularize the idea of a window id sent by the browser
as request header, I added now some practical use cases to illustrate
that there are things that you cannot do easily today when building
web applications.

Just for those hearing the first time of the idea:
If the browser sent an id unique per browser window, we could store
data (open menus, displayed widgets etc) per browser window and build
more stable stateful multi window web applications. HTML 5 solves the
problem on the client side of JavaScript applictions (sessionStorage)
but it is not yet solved for client server applications.

You can find the article in my blog.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards

Sebastian Hennebrueder

PS: I have cross-posted this to the mozilla dev list as well.
PS: First discussion on this list: 

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