[webkit-dev] build system for wince port

Patrick Roland Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Sat Jan 16 08:32:40 PST 2010


Can someone please decide how i should create a WinCE build system!

> Adam Roben:
> > That sounds like a maintenance headache. Any new files will have to be
> >  added to both .vcproj files.
> Of course!
> > The Apple and Cairo/libCURL ports of WebKit are already sharing .vcproj
> >  files. Can WinCE share these files, too?
> It is possible, but i'm not sure if it's the best solution: There will
> uncountable ExcludeFromBuild in the vcproj files and if we will add
>  additional platforms i will grow further. If you add the "STANDARDSDK_500
>  (ARMV4I)" platform to the solution it might throw a warning if the SDK
>  isn't installed.

- Patrick

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