[webkit-dev] global new/delete operator in WebKit

Zoltan Horvath zoltan at webkit.org
Wed Jan 13 13:48:52 PST 2010

First, Darin thanks for the summary!

On Wednesday 13 January 2010, at 20:23, Yong Li wrote:
> Darin, thank you very much for writing this for my questions. I have
> another question for "new int[10]", but I guess the answer will be "using
> Vector instead".

At the most of the cases WebKit doesn't use arrays like this.

> I like the idea that webkit should allow using a custom memory allocator,
> but I think for most platforms/compilers, overloading global new/delete
> operators is much better than deriving all classes from FastAllocBase. I've
> seen even the simple utility class "Noncopyable" is derived from
> FastAllocBase, and the follwing code:
> class A: Noncopyable
> must be changed to:
> class A: public Noncopyable
> in order to make "new A" accessible.

As Darin said, there are platforms where you can not orverload global 
new/delete, because it causes problems.

Yes, you have to inherit it publicly, fortunately, the publicly inheriting 
doesn't cause performance or other loss at this cases.

> As webkit provides the option of using custom allocator with FastAllocBase
> for some special platform/compiler, why does it ban the option of using
> global new/delete operators on other platforms/compilers? At least, when
> USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC=1, FastAllocBase should just be empty or redirect to
> global new/delete in my opinion.
> -Yong

We don't ban it yet. :-) What kind of platforms do mean?


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