[webkit-dev] Status bubbles and you

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Fri Jan 8 16:05:37 PST 2010

If you've been using bugs.webkit.org today, you might have noticed
some new status indicators in the attachments list.  These status
bubbles show how the patch fared when it was run through the various
review bots.  Here's what the different colors mean:

* Green.  Everything went great!  You rock!
* Red.  The patch failed.  :(  The failing bots should post a comment
explaining what went wrong.
* Yellow.  The patch is currently being processed.  If a patch is
yellow for a long time, the bot probably died while processing it
(this is rare).
* Purple.  The bot wasn't able to test your patch for some reason.

There's currently a bug that patches that don't apply cleanly to the
most recent revision (and so aren't tested by the bots) are shown in
red instead of purple.  Hopefully I have this fixed soon.

If you hover your mouse over a bubble, a tool tip will show you how
old the information is.  If you click on a bubble, you'll see more
detailed information about the patch's run, including log files for

One benefit of this new display is that the style-queue no longer
spams the bug comments with "pass" messages.  Instead, you can see
that a patch passed style by looking for a green bubble labeled


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