[webkit-dev] [webkit-changes] [52980] trunk/LayoutTests

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Fri Jan 8 08:15:24 PST 2010


The r52976 revealed this strange sideeffect bug, we filed some bug on it.
We skipped these tests, because commit-queue doesn't work if one of the
core builder is red.

I don't think it is a good idea to land different, platform dependent expected
files with false data. On the one hand layout tests protect against regression
(verification) and on the other hand they test a correctness of specific feature
(validation). What is the more important? I think both of them.

I hope fixing the bug ASAP is much more important than paper over the problem
with rolling out a good and working patch which only revealed the bug.

Alexey, what do you think, if we use this new feature on the basis of
our original idea until fix? I mean it can be disabled by default, but
we can use it with --http-as-last option and/or enverionment variable.


Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
>>         * platform/mac/Skipped: Add http/tests/uri/escaped-entity.html to Skipped list since it affects later tests.
> I think that having this particular test enabled is much more important 
> than having the patch it was affecting landed. Also, looks like this 
> didn't even help, see <http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/52990>.

>> * platform/mac-snowleopard/Skipped: platform/mac/editing/input/devanagari-ligature.html skipped.
> Same for this test. How will we notice regressions in text input support 
> if we disable tests?

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