[webkit-dev] Possible bug in elementFromPoint-relative-to-viewport LayoutTest or not?

Afonso Costa afonso.costa at openbossa.org
Wed Jan 6 15:13:45 PST 2010

Hi guys,

After work some hours in the LayoutTests, I've noticed something weird
in LayoutTests/fast/dom/elementFromPoint-relative-to-viewport.html.
Please, take a look at the code below:
        if (zoomOrNot == "zoom") {
            shouldBe(scrolledRightBox, "'3'");
            shouldBe(scrolledDownAndRightBox, "'8'");
        } else {
            shouldBe(scrolledRightBox, "'3'");
            shouldBe(scrolledDownAndRightBox, "'8'");

It seems that the code is the same for the 'if' statement and the 'else'
also. Is there any thing wrong or not?

That code (with "zoom" parameter) is called after the
eventSender.zoomPageOut(). So, I wonder if those values in the 'if'
statement should be those ones (3 and 8), because the code is called
after the zoom function.

 Thanks in advance.

Afonso R. Costa Jr.
openBossa Labs 
Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - INdT

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