[webkit-dev] ARM JIT for WinCE

Gabor Loki loki at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Jan 6 04:24:40 PST 2010

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Roland Gansterer wrote:
> I'm trying to enable the JIT for CPU(ARM_TRADITIONAL) && OS(WINCE).
> MSVC supports inline assembler only for X86, so i had to provide a separate 
> asm file (i copied the code from the GCC #ifdef with !JSVALUE32_64):
> ctiVMThrowTrampoline proc
>     mov r0, sp
>     bl cti_vm_throw
>     endp

Make sure your assembler does not break ctiVMThrowTrampoline
and ctiOpThrowNotCaught functions. This approach requires that the
ctiVMThrowTrampoline fall-backs to ctiOpThrowNotCaught
after 'bl cti_vm_throw' call. Or you can simply copy the body of
ctiOpThrowNotCaught into ctiVMThrowTrampoline after the

> ctiOpThrowNotCaught proc
>     add sp, sp, #36
>     ldmia sp!, {r4-r8, lr}
>     add sp, sp, #12
>     mov pc, lr
>     endp

Did you do anything with DEFINE_STUB_FUNCTION macro?

You can check how should it be handled for ARM_TRADITIONAL.
See after the following line in JITStubs.cpp:

I guess this will not work for you, so try to examine
the following bugzilla entry.
The attached patch shows how we would like to interpret


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