[webkit-dev] About debug of webkit

douchuan do.chuan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 02:23:15 PST 2010

It's so *bored of compiling codes on Win directly.
Maybe you could try it on Qt or GTK on linux.
Qt 4.6 Brower contains stable webkit codes and build Qt on Win is easy.
changjiang fu fcjjcf 写道:
> Hi, I want to get some help from you about running webkit.
> I want to build and run webkit on windows. Now I have successfully
> builded webkit src code by following the step of www.webkit.org
> <http://www.webkit.org/>. Now all the .exe and .dll exist in the
> output directory.
> For I want to run it on windows, so I
> (1) Download a safari(4.0.4(531.21.10), maybe the latest) for windows
> and install it use default configuration.
> (2) Copy all the dll from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple
> Application Support to my webkit output
> directory(E:\webkit\WebKitBuild\bin).
> (3) Run WinLauncher_debug.exe.
> The step (3) failed and an error message box show "应用程序初始化
> (0xc0150002)失败。请单击"确定",终止应用程序".,(I am from China, sorry
> for use chinese)
> So I am confused of this error.
> If I follow the step of the www.webkit.org <http://www.webkit.org/> to
> first execute 'run-safari --debug', after execution, the proc ess
> Safari.exe is not exist in the windows task manager, I can not find
> it, So I can not do the next step to attach the webkit to the Safari.exe.
> I really wish you can help me to solve this issue cause I spend much
> time to build this huge project and now it is actuall builded
> successfully, I am looking forward to run webkit and debug with it.
> Thanks a lot for your help!
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