[webkit-dev] how to map local file extension to the MIMEType

Fei Wang wangfei90 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 17:19:46 PST 2010

Please help!

I define my own MIMEType like application/foo with file extension .foo. It works fine if I serve file through web server ( inside web server configuration, I add application/foo  foo to the mime type map). In the webkit, I modify the MIMETypeRegistry.cpp file, add those MIMEType in. It works if I serve the file from webserver. 

But it does not work if I want to open the file xxx.foo locally.

I use build-webkit script to build it in my mac. But if I want to open safari to open local file with .foo extension, it grey out that file.

Does anyone know how to add customized MimeType with local file extension to the webkit?

Thanks a lot


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