[webkit-dev] The tree is on fire: a tragedy of the commons

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Fri Feb 26 11:34:34 PST 2010

> There is a non-trivial cost of this workflow on the rest of the team.
> -keeps the commit-queue from running
> -often results in new test failures going unnoticed because the tree is already red
> -we can't generally trust that all the tests should pass locally

I think all of the costs you list fundamentally derive from "failures going unnoticed." That's the rationale for my suggestion that we start by making sure that failures are noticed.

> Would it be enough for you if you could send a patch to the EWS and get back the results for any test failures?

It would certainly be very helpful.

I don't know if it would be enough to make me think a harsh policy of rolling out patches was a good idea.

But if we had a good system for making failures noticed, and a working EWS, and we still had problems with a red tree, I'm sure I would support some further action to solve the problem.


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