[webkit-dev] run-chromium-webkit-tests

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Fri Feb 19 15:12:08 PST 2010

Chromium's faster, multi-threaded, python-based testing harness landed
in svn.webkit.org about a week ago.

On my 4 core work machine it runs all the tests in 5 minutes vs. 8
minutes with run-webkit-tests.  On Dirk's 16 core machine it runs all
the tests in < 2minutes.

HUGE thanks to Dirk Pranke who did the work to get it into webkit.org.
 Huge thanks to Ojan and Pam and all the others who have worked on the
testing infrastructure over the years.

It still has a bunch of bugs and isn't anywhere near ready for general
usage.  It only works on Mac, likely only Leopard, you can try it
run-chromium-webkit-tests --platform=mac-leopard (or mac-snow-leopard
on leopard).

If you're interested in following the progress you can CC yourself here:

My goal is to get this python version up and working as well or better
than the perl one and then slowly transition parts of WebKit's
architecture over to use it.  That's weeks, if not months away.


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