[webkit-dev] FontPlatformData, FontCache and HashMap

Stephan Assmus superstippi at gmx.de
Thu Feb 18 09:43:08 PST 2010

Hi all,

currently, I am investigating some weirdness with regards to 
FontPlatformData and the FontCache which I see in my debugging output on 
the Haiku port. I am not even 100% sure that what I see is a weirdness, but 
at least I don't understand it and I was wondering if anyone could help me 
shed some light into this.

So I understand these things:

1) SimpleFontData has a member m_platformData of type FontPlatformData, 
which is always instantiated by passing it a const reference of another 

2) The FontCache maintains SimplaFontData instances in a HashMap, and looks 
these up and compares them by using FontPlatformData objects as keys into 
the map.

3) FontCache has a static "empty" FontPlatformData instance in 

    static const FontPlatformData& emptyValue()
        DEFINE_STATIC_LOCAL(FontPlatformData, key, (0.f, false, false));
        return key;

Don't yet know how this comes into play, but possibly it's of relevance.

My analysis is a bit awkward, since I cannot use a source level debugger on 
Haiku, and I won't bore you with the embarrasing details of why. So I added 
printf() statements in all my constructors of FontPlatformData, and printed 
among other things the memory address of the FontPlatformData instance 
(this). Also, I am printing "this" in a number of other places, operator=() 
for example. The output I am getting is a little weird, since it shows that 
operator=() is called on objects, for which no constructor has been called. 
Basically, I've narrowed it down to SimpleFontData* 
FontCache::getCachedFontData(const FontPlatformData* platformData) in 
FontCache.cpp. In this method, a new SimpleFontData instance is to be 
created and inserted into the HashMap. I will show you the output from the 
program start. It printed which FontPlatformData instances have been 
created up to "Kill Thread" (I let it drop into the debugger from the first 
invokation of FontPlatformData::operator=()):

The first font is created:

createFontPlatformData(const FontDescription&)
  0x18018660->FontPlatformData(const FontDescription(16.0, Myriad Pro))
  created result: 0x18018660
getCachedFontPlatformData() - done: 0x18018660

Next, getCachedFontData() is called to insert a new SimpleFontData for this 


Next comes the output from line 289 of FontCache.cpp:
pair<SimpleFontData*, unsigned> newValue(new SimpleFontData(*platformData), 
A new SimpleFontData object is created with it's m_fontData member at 
address 0x2f4c6a8:

  0x2f4c6a8->FontPlatformData(const FontPlatformData& 0x18018660)
  new: 0x2f4c680

Next comes the call to HashMap::set(), which results in this output:

  0x18018970->FontPlatformData(0.0, 0, 0)

This is probably the key created from HashMap::inlineAdd(). And next, 
HashMap::set() invokes operator=() on the key (line 250) which gives this 

  0x2ec8594 ((nil), 0.0, 0, 0) ->operator=(0x18018660, 0x18019bf0)

nil is a pointer to FontPlatformDataPrivate, which is ok. But 0x2ec8594 
should be the pointer to the FontPlatformData instance created in 

How can I be doing something wrong there? Nothing happens in my constructor 
for FontPlatformData() when the empty key values are used. Maybe the usage 
of the HashMap is broken in FontCache, since it would seem that such a 
low-level utility class as HashMap would not likely contain any bugs.

Could someone help me shed some light on this? Thanks a bunch for reading 
this far!

Best regards,

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