[webkit-dev] OneShotWeb: yet another technique for web acceleration

Ramin Rezaiifar lesswire1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 14:30:54 PST 2010





We have been working on a technique called OneShotWeb to improve http
performance on links with relatively high latency (RTT) and high rate.  With
systems such as HSPA+ and dual Carrier HSPA and EVDO Rev B and LTE, such
enhancement become more important in order to take advantage of the higher
rates provided by the air-interface.  We have been discussing this with the
Google SPDY team and wanted to share this also with a larger group on this
mailing list.  We are very interested in getting your input on this and make
the wireless web browsing faster.   


Please take a look at the short description of the technique below:






-Ramin (raminr at qualcomm.com <mailto:raminr at qualcomm.com> )


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