[webkit-dev] [Qt] Build problem due to newly introduced WebKit/qt/Api/DerivedSources.pro

İsmail Dönmez ismail at namtrac.org
Fri Feb 5 07:51:33 PST 2010

Hi all;

Trying to build WebKit on Windows I get;

Reading C:/Qt/WebKit/WebCore/WebCore.pro
WARNING: Failure to find: ..\..\..\WebKit\qt\Api\qwebkitversion.h echo
WARNING: Failure to find: =
WARNING: Failure to find: ..\include\QWebInspector echo
WARNING: Failure to find: =

Seems to be due to newly checked in DerivedSources.pro.

Also there is another problem in this file;

DerivedSources.pro line 36 has;

 eval(qtheader_module.commands += echo \\\'\$${LITERAL_HASH}include
<QtNetwork/QtNetwork>\\\' >> $${qtheader_module.target};)

This won't work since < and > are special characters for Windows shell so it
has to be double quoted like;

 eval(qtheader_module.commands += echo \\\"\$${LITERAL_HASH}include
<QtNetwork/QtNetwork>\\\" >> $${qtheader_module.target};)

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