[webkit-dev] Using WinInet as the network layer on Windows Mobile 6.x

Taeyun Kim zeo at logicplant.com
Tue Feb 2 22:11:40 PST 2010


Currently I'm porting WebKit to Windows Mobile 6.x.

I chose WinInet for the network layer, and implemented neccessary classes and functions.
(I referenced Torch mobile's code which was git-downloaded 2009.8.17 and more general WinInet samples on Internet sites, for example CodeProject, while implementing it.)

The code works well usually, but sometimes hangs on the WinInet function InternetReadFileEx().
It must not hang, since I use IRF_ASYNC flag for dwFlags argument.
And using IRF_NO_WAIT flag (and modifying code acordingly) gives the same result.
(BTW, on Windows XP, no such problem occurs at all.)

Is there anybody who experienced the same problem? And solved it?
I've googled about this matter and found a few web pages describing the same problem, but no solution was given.

Maybe I should try cURL instead of WinInet...

If anyone successfully used WinInet for the WebKit on Windows Mobile, please let me know...

Thanks in advance.

Taeyun Kim

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