[webkit-dev] Heads up for audio changes

Chris Rogers crogers at google.com
Mon Feb 1 15:17:15 PST 2010

Hey guys,

Just so nobody will be surprised, over the next weeks I'm going to start
landing some new code for an audio engine.
This code will primarily live in a new directory WebCore/platform/audio and
will implement some new audio features such as:

* scheduled sound playback for sample-accurate musical applications
* spatialized audio such as what is found in OpenAL (source/listener-based,
distance effects, sound cones, doppler-shift, ...)
* a convolution engine for a wide range of linear effects, especially very
high-quality room effects (concert halls, etc.)
* realtime analysis / music visualizer support
* a modular effects architecture (still being fleshed out)
* granular effects

I've been talking with Eric Carlson, Simon Fraser, Chris Marrin, Dean
Jackson to work out some API issues.  And as soon as this all gels, I'll be
landing the IDL files.  In the meantime, there's quite a lot of fundamental
engine code which will not be affected by the API which I hope to land in
the near future.

Best Regards,
Chris Rogers
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