[webkit-dev] Getting text from visable region of page

Piotrek Roguski p.roguski at partner.samsung.com
Wed Dec 29 06:02:14 PST 2010

Hi Guys,
I would like to get text from visible region of page. What kind of approach
would you suggest? I was trying to use text selection API, but since points
can have visible position totally different, then expected (eg.:  in
multi-column layout, while using point which is few pixels bellow last line
of text, but still inside of column, you offend end up with all columns
selected) it's hard to predict what parts of text will be selected (this
doesn't seem to be a problem when user is selecting text base on visual
feedback which she gets). I was also experimenting with
Document::nodesFromRect but again, after determining all text nodes, visible
positions have to be calculated.
So, maybe there is other, better solution?

Thanks in advance, Regards,

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