[webkit-dev] More thoughts on cleaning up the root directory

Hajime Morita morrita at google.com
Mon Dec 27 17:57:17 PST 2010

> I think moving Platform out from WebCore is great long term goal, but right
> now, there is simply too many layering violations for it to be feasible. For
> those curious, the intent is for nothing in Platform to be dependent on
> anything else in WebCore (eg. dom, html, rendering, loader), so something
> like platform/qt/RenderThemeQt.cpp would be considered a layering violation.
>  There are bugs filed on many of these violations, but the work has not be
> completed.
Got it. Thank you for the explanation.
I filed a meta bug for tracking the layering violation.
It would be great if anyone added dependent bugs for this.


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