[webkit-dev] webkitpy test failures on GTK bots

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Dec 24 11:38:53 PST 2010

Hi folks.

The GTK bots have been red for a while now; not sure whether it’s been days or weeks. These are core builders, so should not be red for that long. Apparently the issue is that some Python tests can’t be run because there’s a Google python module of some sort that must be installed. Could someone fix this? Here are possible ways to fix it:

    1) Turn off these tests for GTK.
    2) Install that module on the bots, if that’s appropriate.
    3) Take the GTK bots out of the core set.
    4) Undo whatever change made this problem start to occur recently.


    -- Darin

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