[webkit-dev] Moving source code to Sources

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Fri Dec 24 01:13:43 PST 2010

I've started the process of moving the source code to a Sources
directory.  So far, I've moved JavaScriptGlue, which is a small
project used by the Mac build.  I'll be moving the rest of the
projects, as discussed.  Moving the code to Sources will let us break
out various components, such as WTF and Platform, into their own

I'm somewhat unsure what affect these changes will have on folks who
have outstanding patches.  Git seems to be smart enough to move your
patch to the new location, but I haven't tested SVN.  It's likely
patches in bugs.webkit.org will need to be moved somewhat manually.
Generally speaking, editing the patch files to perform the merge is
pretty easy.  You just replace all instances of "JavaScriptGlue" in
the diff headers with "Sources/JavaScriptGlue" (or whathaveyou).

I'll send out emails as I move the projects that are under more active
development.  (If you have any outstanding patches to JavaScriptGlue,
sorry if I broke your patch without warning.)  Hopefully we'll be able
to get most of this work done while folks are away for the holidays.

Thanks for your understanding,

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