[webkit-dev] Snow Leopard Pixel Baselines

Mihai Parparita mihaip at chromium.org
Tue Dec 14 12:40:53 PST 2010

James Robinson and I* have been working on updating the pixel
baselines in platform/mac so that they pass on Snow Leopard (we've
been moving existing baselines to platform/mac-leopard so that things
still work on Leopard too). Having up to date pixel baselines is
helpful when making layout code changes, and for derivative ports that
can use the mac baselines (e.g. chromium-mac).

When we started there were more than 2,000 failing tests, mainly due
to expected rendering differences in text anti-aliasing and colors
(e.g. "green" is now actually #008000). With the help of some tools,
we're now down to around 110 tests. The failures are more subtle, so
it would be helpful to get people who know a bit more about is
actually being tested to look at the results before updating them.

http://bit.ly/sl-rebaselines has the list of failing tests and links
for expected/actual/diffs (this requires a Google Account to view, and
lets you edit the spreadsheet; http://bit.ly/sl-rebaselines-static is
a static version that can be viewed when signed out too).

If you'd like to help out, claim test(s) from the list above, and then
update the checked in mac baselines (moving existing ones to

One thing that may be helpful is the "rebaseline server" tool that I
wrote that lets you quickly go through image diffs and update
baselines (and move existing ones to mac-leopard).
https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/RebaselineServer explains how to use it.

Let me know if something doesn't make sense or if you have any
questions (I'm mihaip in #webkit).


* with a cameo appearance by Dave Hyatt

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