[webkit-dev] Looking for information on how to access certain functionality with python.

Hari Rothstein harirothstein at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 17:14:00 PST 2010


I am looking for information on how to access a few browser features with
python.  I would like to control the browser session (in paticular, cookies,
proxies, and user-agent), get access to  downloaded files
(css/js/images/flash), and have full DOM control.

I found pywebkitgtk, which seems to be moving toward using gobject but from
what I understand gobject still lacks a lot of the functionality I am
looking for (and I was not able to get webkit to compile with support for
it).  I also experimented with python-webkit (the pywebkitgtk branch found
here: http://www.gnu.org/software/pythonwebkit/).  It had all of the DOM
functionality I was looking for but no control over the browser session and
no access to downloaded files.

First of all, do any of the current webkit branches have this functionality
easily accessible already?

If not, what files do I need to expose to python to access this

I was told that the session is controlled by whatever the webkit branch
chose to handle connections (GTK: libcurl), but how do I control that from
webkit?  Does webkit pass connection settings along, and receive full
headers (including cookies) back or is that all done outside of webkit code?

>From what I read everything downloaded is represented as a WebResource
object?  How can I gain access to these and get information from them from a
web-frame.  Is there a get_web_resources() function or something?  If I am
barking up the wrong tree and need to look somewhere else entirely please
let me know.


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