[webkit-dev] Stability problems involving Javascript GC

Chris Backas chb at infoplusonline.com
Mon Dec 6 11:42:39 PST 2010

Hi Geoff,

On Dec 6, 2010, at 2:24 PM, Geoffrey Garen wrote:

> Hi Chris.
>> (function () {
>> 		var app = document.getElementById(\"RemoteApplication\");
>> 		var ReturnMe = Number(app.getListenPort());
>> 		app = null;
>> 		return ReturnMe;
>> 		})()
> FYI, from a GC perspective, there's no need to set "app" to null in  
> the snippet above.

Indeed, I didn't think it would. That and the Number() wrap were just  
grasping at straws.

>> And here is a common sort of stack trace I'm getting (this one from  
>> 10.6)
>> Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
>> 0   com.apple.JavaScriptCore      	0x9489f766 WTF::fastFree(void*)  
>> + 134
>> 1   com.apple.WebCore             	0x929be825  
>> WebCore::CSSSelectorList::deleteSelectors() + 389
>> 2   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a38269  
>> WebCore::CSSStyleRule::~CSSStyleRule() + 57
>> 3   com.apple.WebCore             	0x929c3a04  
>> WTF::Vector<WTF::RefPtr<WebCore::StyleBase>, 0ul>::shrink(unsigned  
>> long) + 84
>> 4   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a38193  
>> WebCore::StyleSheet::~StyleSheet() + 179
>> 5   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a38066  
>> WebCore::CSSStyleSheet::~CSSStyleSheet() + 102
>> 6   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a91074  
>> WTF::Vector<WTF::RefPtr<WebCore::StyleSheet>, 0ul>::shrink(unsigned  
>> long) + 84
>> 7   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a29243  
>> WebCore::StyleSheetList::~StyleSheetList() + 67
>> 8   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a28cd9  
>> WebCore::Document::~Document() + 3529
>> 9   com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a27f01  
>> WebCore::HTMLDocument::~HTMLDocument() + 129
>> 10  com.apple.WebCore             	0x92a27def  
>> WebCore::Node::~Node() + 431
>> 11  com.apple.WebCore             	0x92c05a21  
>> WebCore::HTMLIFrameElement::~HTMLIFrameElement() + 129
>> 12  com.apple.WebCore             	0x92b356fe  
>> WebCore::JSNode::~JSNode() + 382
>> 13  com.apple.JavaScriptCore      	0x9495a0d2 JSC::Heap::sweep() +  
>> 274
>> I find it odd that main isn't seen in the stack, but it never is.
>> The crash nearly ALWAYS occurs in WTF::fastFree(), very  
>> occasionally occurring instead in some other memory management  
>> function.
> In the backtrace you've pasted, there's no direct link to JavaScript  
> GC. GC only appears in the backtrace because a JavaScript object  
> held the last reference to the DOM document object.

Ah, maybe I jumped to conclusions then. Since adding the above- 
mentioned snippet of Javascript is the ONLY difference between perfect  
stability and constant crashing after the first iteration my theory  
was that *something* left over somehow from that JS was the problem.

> There's a small chance that you've run into this bug, or one of its  
> relations: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50165.
> The best way to diagnose this is to provide a sample application  
> that demonstrates the crash in Bugzilla.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to submit a reproduction case based  
on this web app/applet, they're both private resources of a business  
partner or ours that we're attempting to automate interaction with.

However, you did give me another idea of something to try. Are there  
instructions anywhere for building a WebKit nightly and then embedding  
it inside your application? This is an application for internal use  
only, so we have no problem with requiring a special build if that  

Thanks for the reply,
-Chris Backas

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