[webkit-dev] minor feature added to new-run-webkit-tests

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Wed Dec 1 16:31:38 PST 2010

If you don't ever run new-run-webkit-tests, you can stop reading.

If you do, then it might interest you to know that by popular demand
(okay, two people), I have added a line that prints the actual command
line used to invoke DumpRenderTree as part of the config output, e.g.:

$ new-run-webkit-tests -n --print config,default --platform
chromium-mac fast/html/keygen.html
Defaulting to one child - see https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38553
Using port 'chromium-mac'
Placing test results in
Using Release build
Pixel tests enabled
Regular timeout: 6000, slow test timeout: 30000
Running one TestShell
Command line: /Volumes/Src/src/c.wdev/src/xcodebuild/Release/TestShell.app/Contents/MacOS/TestShell
Worker model: threads


I have also added the '-n' / '--dry-run' flag, which does everything
new-run-webkit-tests normally does except actually run the tests. You
can use this to quickly check the configuration info as above, or to
sanity check that your build is okay, your test_expectations are okay,

I hope this is helpful,

-- Dirk

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