[webkit-dev] Complex and Vector3 classes in WTF?

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Tue Aug 31 15:22:50 PDT 2010

On Aug 31, 2010, at 11:48 AM, Kenneth Russell wrote:

> I'd like to unify the math, geometry, and linear algebra classes that
> are scattered around the WebKit tree -- for example, FloatPoint,
> FloatPoint3D, FloatRect, FloatSize, the classes under
> WebCore/platform/graphics/transforms/, these Complex and Vector3
> types, ... -- under a directory like WebCore/math

All of the classes you mentioned (with the exception of Complex and Vector3) are in the WebCore/platform/graphics tree. That seems pretty consolidated to me, though clearly there are a lot of other kinds of classes in that tree. It's not clear that WebCore/math is better (though I'm not opposed to it).


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