[webkit-dev] Accelerated 2D Tesselation Implementation

Chris Marrin cmarrin at apple.com
Sat Aug 28 07:35:45 PDT 2010

On Aug 27, 2010, at 4:32 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:

> ...
> Since I decided not to attach these files, here are the non-quantized versions:
> http://www.rawbw.com/~kbrussel/tmp/butterfly.png
> http://www.rawbw.com/~kbrussel/tmp/butterfly-o3d.png

Another thing we need to discuss are the rendering errors in the images you posted. If you compare them with a zoomed in version of the original svg file:


you can see several places where there are cracks in your rendering that don't appear in the original (as rendered in WebKit and Illustrator). These errors are small, but the errors may be large enough to make the hardware accelerated results unacceptable. It's just something to discuss.

cmarrin at apple.com

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