[webkit-dev] Place For new Core Module

Chinmaya Sn chinmaya at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 12:21:32 PDT 2010

Typically WebKit has 3 doors for external world (i.e whoever wants to
use WebKit),
platform specific interfaces and WebKit layer, and JavaScript bindings.

I have special case in my hand; currently I maintain a custom branch
of WebKit, I already have
implemented a module which sits closely with WebCore and it works just
fine. One of my
goals is to deliver these changes back to community and even may be
back to WebKit repository. In near
future I will be implementing at least 2-3 such modules, which work
closely with WebCore and
JavaScriptCore but they may not have to anything to do HTML browser
engine as such.

I need some suggestions from WebKit Guru's on how such code can be
structured so that
this can be contributed back to WebKit without disturbing harmony of
many WebKit embedders.
Basically future proof.


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