[webkit-dev] Web Audio API

Chris Rogers crogers at google.com
Tue Aug 24 12:05:34 PDT 2010

Over the past months I've been refining the web audio API implementation
that I've been developing in the 'audio' branch of WebKit (per Maciej's
recommendation).  The API has been through a good amount of review by WebKit
developers at Apple, Google, and in the W3C Audio Incubator  group.  For
those who are interested, the draft specification is here:

I have working demos here:

I'll be posting a series of patches to migrate the working code from the
audio branch to WebKit trunk.  Most of the files are new, with only a few
places which will touch existing WebKit files (such as EventTarget, Event).
 The files will be conditionally compiled.  I'm considering using the
following enable:


After discussing the directory layout in some detail with Eric Carlson,
Chris Marrin, Simon Fraser, and Jer Noble, we've decided that the files will
primarily live in two places:


I know that some had expressed concern that a directory called 'audio' in
WebCore would be confused with the audio element.  The reason I think
'audio' would be a good name is because the API does have a direct
relationship to the audio element and, over time, when the API becomes more
broadly used will be associated with the audio capabilities of the web
platform.  That said, if anybody has grave concerns over this name, then we
can discuss alternatives.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring these coming changes to everyone's attention.

Chris Rogers
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