[webkit-dev] Not enough space message when linking webkit (lots of free disk space)

Chris Hatko chatko at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 12:32:31 PDT 2010

I'm running revision 65648  and building cairo-win32 release I'm getting "Not
enough space" when linking WebKit project. I have 40Gig free space on
this drive and 4Gigs of ram.

11>fatal error C1083: Cannot open compiler intermediate file:
'C:\cygwin\home\HATKO\WebKit\WebKitBuild\lib\WebKitLib.lib': Not
enough space
11>LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed
11>Build log was saved at
11>WebKit - 1 error(s), 1 warning(s).

Any idea what I can try?



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