[webkit-dev] Question about A Usage of RefPtr

Yuxiang Luo luoyx at google.com
Wed Aug 4 01:05:16 PDT 2010


I'm currently looking into a bug (42799), and find that class
CSSComputedStyleDeclaration has a property 'RefPtr<Node> m_node', which
means this class takes ownership of the Node to which the computedStyle
object belongs back to. Does this mean that if the computedStyle object get
released, the owner Node will be released too?

For example, the class Position owns the node object 'RefPtr<Node>
m_anchorNode',  and in method 'Position::computedStyle',  it passed the raw
pointer m_anchorNode.get() to CSSComputedStyleDeclaration, after that, both
'Position' and 'CSSComputedStyleDeclaration' own the Node pointer. Is this a
mistake in CSSComputedStyleDeclaration which incorrectly uses RefPtr to wrap
the Node? (another similar class CSSMutableStyleDeclaration only has the raw

Another question is, as the bug 42799 shows,  when getting 'pixel*' or
'pos*' properties, if the unit type is 'em' or 'ex', the result is not
multiplied with factor. The factor for these two unit types depends on the
RenderStyle of corresponding element, but the class CSSStyleDeclaration
does't provide any access to corresponding element/node. I find that
both CSSComputedStyleDeclaration and CSSMutableStyleDeclaration have the
field 'm_node’. So to fix the bug, we might need to put the field up to the
base class CSSStyleDeclaration. But I'm not very familiar with the code base
yet, and not sure whether the change will break other logic?  Thanks in
advance for your help.

Best Regards.

Yuxiang Luo
Engineer at Google
<luoyx at google.com>
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