[webkit-dev] High performance TCP Sockets in WebKit

Chinmaya Sn chinmaya at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 11:57:12 PDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I need to implement a general purpose, high performance TCP sockets
inside WebCore for some of my work. By high performance I mean
select/poll (multiplexing) based and by general purpose, I mean,
any one (Inside WebCore) should be able to open a socket and
transfer any kind of data in any format.

I would prefer to implement in such a way that it works on every platform
that WebKit already support (at network layer). In other words,
I would like to (re)use platformSend (alike) interface in

But, I reviewed interfaces in platform/network, platform/network/qt/* &
and websockets. Obviously they all have an implicit assumption of HTTP
and WebSocket specification, hence I am beginning to believe I should do a

I would like hear from the community, if my understanding is correct, are
any suggestions before I proceed, or are there any work already in progress
or any
 implementation suggestions.

I would like keep this implementation in discipline with WebKit so that at
some point
in future, when everything makes sense, I should be able to propose this
back to
WebKit code base.

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