[webkit-dev] Trouble reviewing patches since the experimental commenting support went into bugs.webkit.org's action=review page

Tor Arne Vestbø tor.arne.vestbo at nokia.com
Wed Apr 28 01:54:44 PDT 2010

On 22.04.10 22.18, Andrew Scherkus wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 1:13 PM, Adam Roben <aroben at apple.com
> <mailto:aroben at apple.com>> wrote:
>     On Apr 22, 2010, at 4:01 PM, Darin Adler wrote:
>      > - The comments all cite only a single line of the patch and I
>     almost never have a comment that's for a single line. So I have to
>     do a lot of editing, pretending to comment on multiple lines.
>     I think it would be nice if you could drag to select multiple lines
>     of code. When you release the mouse button, the comment box would
>     appear, and when you commit that comment all the lines you selected
>     would be quoted.
> The other person who I was working with had this feature implemented,
> but I forget his name and didn't grab his email.  I hope he reads
> webkit-dev :\

That would be me :)

The quick-hack prototype [1] was based on jQuery, with the selectable 
plugin. Dunno if Prototype has something similar, I can have a look.

What about the "draft" mode, do we want inline comments to be built up 
and then moved to the main comment field in one go when you're satisfied 
with the review and click some button, or instantly like now?

Tor Arne

[1] http://torarnv.github.com/review2/bar.html

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