[webkit-dev] Trouble reviewing patches since the experimental commenting support went into bugs.webkit.org's action=review page

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Thu Apr 22 13:01:50 PDT 2010

I’m having trouble reviewing patches with the action=review patch since the experimental commenting support was added. I now have to do a lot of editing and copying and pasting when reviewing that was not necessary before.

- The action=review JavaScript code now deletes the copy of the patch, so I can't cite things by hand. Before I would never need to copy and paste when reviewing, just delete things, but now if I do want to cite more than one line I need to open another window.

- The comments all cite only a single line of the patch and I almost never have a comment that's for a single line. So I have to do a lot of editing, pretending to comment on multiple lines.

(The action=review JavaScript  page still includes an entire copy of the patch, and then the script code deletes it. Inelegant, and easy to fix!)

    -- Darin

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