[webkit-dev] JSC String re-factorings are hosing the tree.

Gavin Barraclough barraclough at apple.com
Wed Apr 21 15:27:35 PDT 2010

Hi Eric,

Many apologies for the redness.  These changes are pretty much  
complete now, so hopefully there shouldn't be any more big file moves  
like this too soon.

One thing that was hugely useful in minimizing the breakage as much as  
possible while making these changes was the ews bots – these generally  
helped me to get my patches building cleanly on all platforms bar  
Windows before committing.  It is a real shame that an ews bot isn't  
available for Windows, since this would be particularly useful - JSC  
changes frequently break Windows builds due to the .def files.

I believe a big problem that caused the extended periods of redness  
was the slowness of the Windows test queues.  These can lag badly  
behind the builds, making failures here very are easy to miss - having  
landed a large change, and waited to watch the waterfall stay green  
for an extended period of time, it was easy to be under the  
misapprehension that everything was okay.  Only later would I discover  
windows test had started to fail.  Clearly there is a lesson I've  
learned here, but maybe we can find some more hardware to throw at  
these queues, to help them avoid getting quite so far behind.


On Apr 21, 2010, at 1:39 PM, Eric Seidel wrote:

> A large portion of the tree redness in the last 3 days is due to JSC
> string re-factoring.
> We need to build some better tools, or find some better method to land
> these changes w/o hosing the tree.  I'm happy to help with building of
> said tools if folks have requests/suggestions.
> Broken in 58001  Fixes: 58003, 58006, 58007, 58008, 58010
> Time: 55m
> Broken in 57904   Fixes: 57908, 57911, 57912, 57917
> Time 1hr 45m
> Broken in 57829   Attempted fix: 57835, Rolled out in:57853
> Time: 3h 21m
> Re-broke in 57879   Fixes: 57883, 57884
> Time: 3h 3m
> Getting 57829 landed resulted in nearly a full work-day of tree
> redness. :(  Also, even once a change is fixed, it will take 15 mins
> or so for all the bots to cycle green.
> -eric
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