[webkit-dev] Experimental new code reviews

Ojan Vafai ojan at chromium.org
Mon Apr 19 15:35:25 PDT 2010

At the hackathon last Tuesday, a few of us put together mashup style
rietveld integration with bugs.webkit.org. It currently requires a chrome
extension. We'll integrate properly with bugzilla based on feedback if this
seems to be a value add for the project.


You can try it out on the *last* attachment on

You'll see another link next to each attachment labelled "Fancy Review".
This loads a page much like the current review page, but with
wkrietveld.appspot.com in the top frame (wkrietveld is our fork of
rietveld). You can then make comments in rietveld. When you click the submit
button, the comments are published *both* in Reitveld and to bugs.webkit.org

*We do not intend to remove the old code review system for people who prefer
to stick to that.

Known issues:
-Currently, only works with patches that are uploaded using "webkit-patch
upload --fancy-review".
-Due to using a chrome extension rather than a tighter integration, some
things are a bit janky (e.g. the initial load).
-Each time a patch is uploaded, it currently creates a new rietveld issue.

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